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Extreme temperatures are the cause of excess morbidity and mortality in our societies. Real time condition updates during the ongoing event could help prevent the consequences. We have developed a tool that can spot-out in real time the city areas that suffer most during the ongoing event, indicating thus where the victims are to be expected. EXTREMA uses real-time satellite data, along with other model and city-specific data to estimate the temperature, humidity, and discomfort index for every square kilometer in the city. Temperature estimates are updated every 5 minutes, providing data at a spatial and temporal resolution that is not available from any other service.


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Amazing Features

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Your Risk

Through the mobile app, you receive a personalized heat stress risk for your current location and recommendations on measures to reduce your risk.

Cooling Centers

The EXTREMA app provides navigation information, by foot or public transit, to the nearest cooling center and helps you choose the right one for you.

Multiple Profiles

The app supports multiple users. This is so useful when you want to check the elderly, just enter their profile and location and get their extreme temperature risk estimation.

Satellite Based

City authorities will get real-time images/maps of extreme temperature hazard distribution in their city, together with other relevant variable, like humidity and discomfort index

Next Day Alerts

City authorities will get a one day advance alert for expected extreme temperatures (based on meteoalarm.eu) to allow for proper respond and management of the cooling centres.

City Dashboard

Cities will receive an information management tool for the cooling centers, including the ability to change opening hours, capacity, contact information, and add more centers in a particular area.


Selected Highlights.

EXTREMA invited to the open event of Climate school in Athens

October, 20 2018

EXTREMA was presented in the open event of Climate school Berlin-Athens: Open Societies and schools in climate protection and energy transition, a project aiming to augment the awareness of climate change and energy consumption in the school communities of the Municipality of Athens (MoA).


The interest in EXTREMA was remarkable. More than 300 students and teachers learned about EXTREMA services and downloaded EXTREMA Athens mobile app!


EXTREMA presented at WHO

June, 12-13 2018

EXTREMA was presented in the 6th meeting of the Working Group on Health in Climate Change (HIC) at the World Health Organization (WHO), European Centre for Environment and Health (ECEH) in Bonn, Germany.


EXTREMA’s main objectives; to raise awareness, facilitate prevention and protect health from the adverse effects of climate change, were pointed out.


Press Release: here


EXTREMA launched in Rotterdam

June, 7 2018

EXTREMA Rotterdam mobile App launched at Resilient Rotterdam Day event on Thursday 7th June 2018 and is now available on GooglePlay (search for EXTREMA Rotterdam). The City of Rotterdam has recognized the problem of high temperatures and suggests numerous cooling centres.


EXTREMA Rotterdam mobile app evaluates your heat risk and informs you about the closest to you cooling centre. More information can be found here


Kick-Off Meeting

Feb 9, 2018

EXTREMA DG-ECHO project kicked-off at the Athens City Hall on Friday 9th February 2018. 7 partners from 5 EU countries agreed that Real time condition updates during an ongoing extreme temperature event together with solid research and specific actions could help prevent the consequences.


This is the common goal behind EXTREMA. Let's start!


EXTREMA’s summer implementation

July 10, 2018

EXTREMA services were successfully implemented and launched in four different European cities: Athens, Rotterdam, Paris and the Island of Mallorca. The mobile app of each city reached users’ expectations and protected them during one of Europe’s hottest summers!


The mobile apps are available for download both in Google Play and Apple Store!


EXTREMA launched in Paris

June 29, 2018

Following Rotterdam and Athens, EXTREMA mobile app launched at the city of Paris in the end of June. Multiple users downloaded and evaluated the mobile app making EXTREMA Paris the most downloaded app of the city that week!


Around 1000 different places that are suitable for those who seek for a refuge from high temperatures, are listed in the app.


Press Release: here!


NOA becomes Platform Parter of 100RC network

Nov 23, 2017

On 23 November 2017 at the United Nations Campus in Bonn, we announced the partnership of the National Observatory of Athens with the international network 100 Resilient Cities Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation for the provision of EXTREMA service - Emergency notification system for extreme temperatures.


Press Release: here



EXTREMA is a DG ECHO funded project, 2018-2019, GA 783180.

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